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“Morris has spent her professional lifetime paying attention to how people make technology their own in their own way. The stories in this book are the real conversations that happen between people and objects. They are almost always not the conversations that were imagined by the designers. They are surprising. Sad. Funny. Hopeful. Human.”
Sherry Turkle, from the book’s Foreword
“As with any powerful and transformational change, technology has been both glorified and vilified. Margaret Morris has written the most balanced and illuminating book I have read on the subject. Put into practice the off-label uses of technology that she describes so lucidly, and you will likely be happier, healthier, and more successful.”
Sonja Lyubomirsky, author of The How of Happiness

“Everyone's eager to chide you for how you use devices like smartphones. Instead of wagging a finger, Margaret Morris offers a way to form alliances with technology to make your devices a part of you and your life, rather than an external force acting upon them”
Ian Bogost,  Georgia Institute of Technology.

Margaret Morris, PhD

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​Margaret Morris, PhD

My Book


Left to Our Own Devices (MIT Press) 

My Story

For as long as I have remembered, I have wanted to help people by talking with them. I became a clinical psychologist, completing my PhD at the University of New Mexico, my clinical internship at the San Francisco VA Hospital and my postdoc in the Stanford Medical School.

As I was wrapping up my training in clinical psychology, I saw opportunities to shape future technologies.  I joined world-class ethnographers at Sapient and then at Intel, watching and listening for the nuances of what people need. At Intel, I worked with engineers to build systems to facilitate early detection of health conditions and bring helpful psychological feedback into daily life. 

Now, as a coach and therapist, I work with people who want to improve their relationships and health by changing the way they use technology. For some of my clients, technology is the focus. Other clients start with a broader focus is on relationships and health, and we explore how they could technology to support the changes they desire.