My book, Left to Our Own Devices, provides examples of the intention and creativity that we can all bring to the way we use technologies. 

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​Margaret Morris, PhD

Relationships and Technology Coaching

I help people navigate relationships and technology.  

In my research over the last two decades, I’ve seen how people can change the way they use technology to support their priorities, whether that is improving communication with a spouse, helping a child focus on learning activities, or pursuing personal goals. 

As a coach, I guide people as they reflect on how they can use technology in support of their values and goals.  This coaching is not about one-size-fits-all rules about screen time, but a highly customized process of reflection and experimentation.

I come to coaching as a clinical psychologist with expertise in technology, relationships, and health.  In addition to my training in cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic therapies, my experience in ethnographic research informs my approach to coaching.  As a researcher at Intel, Amazon, and Sapient, I learned about how people use technology by talking with them in their homes and other environments that are relevant to particular life struggles.  I bring this appreciation for context as I talk with clients about how they struggle with relationships and technology, and how they can align their technology use with their values.

If you are interested in working with me or have questions, please write: margie.mem (at)