Reclaiming Relationships and Health 

Shifting technology use 

I work with clients who want to use technology more effectively themselves and in their roles as parents, romantic partners, caregivers, and clinicians.

Some clients begin with a technology concern, for example, wanting to help a child use social media in positive ways.  

Other clients start with a relationship or health concern, such as wanting to resolve conflict with a partner, and we explore how they can shift technology use in support of their objectives.

Focusing on meaningful change

I won't waste your time with one-size-fits-all rules. I learn about your priorities and collaborate with you as you experiment with using technology differently.

I've seen how people can creatively use everyday technologies to improve health and relationships in my research -- insights that I apply in my work with individuals. 

I bring an ethnographer's eye to understanding how your environment can support your goals. 

My practice is guided not just by my research and my training in cognitive-behavioral and psychodynamic therapies.

Through reflection and experimentation 

* Reflecting on personal priorities 

* Experimenting with using technology differently

From a client: "Margie’s deep knowledge of how humans and technology interact combined with her training as a clinical psychologist makes her the perfect problem-solving partner for the speeded up, tech-heavy times we find ourselves in today.  In just a few sessions working with Margie, I implemented some simple but profound changes that are making my family closer and happier.  Sometimes the strategies involve taking a step back from devices and sometimes it’s about leaning into them for moments of connection and support - working with Margie, with her insightful warmth and empathy, gave me the wisdom to know the difference."


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​Margaret Morris, PhD